Animation Reel

Selection of works I had the opportunity to create and direct. Looking forward to update this compilation soon. :>)

Microsoft Anti-Bullying GIFs

Partnering with folks from Edelman we created GIFs for teens to speak out against cyberbullying. The animations were uploaded to Giphy website which feeds the most popular messenger platforms. Kids can use these to speak up, be a friend and turn negativity into positivity during National Bullying Prevention Month and beyond.

Mime Academy

Virtual reality is on the rise, but no one has made use of the ridiculous arm gestures people make while using a VR headset. Mime Academy puts those arms to use, but teaching you how to become a mime.


Animations for a design proposal I made in my time freelancing with the talented folks from Collins.

XFINITY - WaitBot5000

Gamers want to play more and wait less on-line. On a busy game convention wouldn't be different.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Adam Reeves
AD/CW: Fabio Benedetto, Pablo Rochat

Gold - 2015 Addy Award
Shortlist - 2015 Cannes Lions

Also shot...

Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign consists of beautiful photographs taken with iPhones. The campaign's only flaw is that it ignores the most common type of photos iPhone users take: unflattering ones. We set out to solve that problem by installing our own satirical versions of the ads around San Francisco. Within 24 hours of launching the Tumblr, the project received global attention and media coverage.

Google Cloud

I was invited by friends from ElevenInc to help develop a series of concepts/characters for a Google Cloud campaign. Working closely with Buck, we turned my sketches into polished 3D illustrations. This was a fun one. 

Agency: Eleven Inc
CD: Chad Leitz
AD:  Fabio Benedetto, Jason Rosenberg, Matt Klug
CW: Mike Lars White, John Friedman, Tyler Coonts
Illustration: Bene, BUCK

Red Bull - Interactive Instagram Stories

Play with it at Red Bull's Instagram account

Doritos - Bold Emojis

Our challenge was to create a light content that catches people attention in the middle of the Facebook time-line chaos. We then created the Doritos Bold Emojis.Taking advantage of Facebook auto-play video feature, we were able to surprise people connecting regular emojis with animated bodies.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CD: Adam Reeves
AD/CW: Fabio Benedetto, Pablo Rochat


Title treatment for video content.


Illustrations for a launching campaign of a sneaker line in Brazil.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.58.04 PM.png

Xfinity - The Parallel U-Verse

The brief was to deposition AT&T's U-verse, one of Xfinity's primary competitors, as using old and slow technology.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
ECD: Jeff Goodby
CD: Stefan Copiz, Paul Charney
ACD: Enrique Camacho, Steve Payonzeck, Jack Woodworth
AD: Fabio Benedetto
CW: Zac Spector, Ben Hieger
Director: Zach Math

TED Talks 4/20

Some friends and I set up a fake TED Talk stage at the 4/20 Festival in San Francisco for people to share their ideas

See all the talks here.

Air Show Remote Control

When the Blue Angels came to town for San Francisco Fleet Week, my buddy Pablo (the talented actor on this video) and I decided to shoot a little goofy video.